Accessibility at MSU Denver

In thought of MSU Denver’s heritage as a public institution, our location in the heart of our state’s largest metro area, and our mission of accessibility, diversity, and academic excellence; we choose to embody this ethic by declaring ourselves Colorado’s urban land grant institution.

We are more powerfully poised than ever to apply the intellectual power of our faculty and the energy of our students to solving real-world problems. We have the ability and the self-assigned mandate to assume a measure of responsibility for the economic health, cultural health and well-being of the community to benefit the public good. What the Morill Land-Grant institutions did to transform rural America, we can do to transform urban America.

To that end, MSU Denver has a continuing moral and legal obligation to foster equality of educational and employment opportunity at the institution, and to ensure that no one is discriminatorily excluded from its facilities, programs, services or activities because of her/his race, color, religion, sex , national origin, age, ability level, veteran status, sexual orientation or preference, gender identity and expressions. All members of MSU Denver community are therefore expected to comply with federal and state laws prohibiting, discrimination in employment and education.

People with disabilities must be full members of the educational community. For this to occur, every member of MSU Denver’s community must accept responsibility for being aware of and responsive to the particular needs of people with disabilities. MSU Denver recognizes that traditional methods, programs, and services may not accommodate the needs of some persons with disabilities. What persons without disabilities view as conveniences, may present serious barriers for people who have disabilities.

The policy and guidelines set forth are intended to provide direction in avoiding discrimination, promoting accessibility, and assuring reasonable accommodations.

University Accessibility Statement

The Metropolitan State University of Denver is committed to equal access and proactive compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The University shall endeavor to ensure that all programs, services, and educational resources are accessible to individuals with disabilities in their learning and working environment. This includes working as a partner with the Auraria Higher Education Center to ensure Architectural (facilities) accessibility.

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